Kathleen M.

In-Person and Online Lessons

"Darren was an outstanding teacher for my high school daughter preparing for her college auditions. His attention to detail vastly improved her technique. She is playing with more confidence also. Darren is fabulous in sharing his time and talent selflessly, his style is always positive and my daughter finished each lesson looking forward to the next. She has had several private lesson teachers in the past but he is definitely the best.

When my daughter went to Darren she was coming from a series of private lesson teachers. Being involved in our own town’s music program I know how difficult it can be to acquire and keep private lesson teachers. Her confidence level was pretty low and she was trying to prepare for her college auditions.

I cannot say enough about Darren and the quality of his work. He worked with my daughter in every aspect of her music. From how she stood and held her bass and bow, to the weight of her bow and teaching her about her strings and the care of her bass, Darren brought the sparkle and love of music back to my daughter. He worked with her though audition pieces and took the time to check in with her even when it wasn’t lesson time. He was so dedicated and so tuned in to what was going to make her a better player. She left her lessons brimming with confidence and wanting to practice. As a parent, I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

She is now an extremely happy sophomore studying music education and I truly believe she may have taken a different path if not for Darren Sacks. I hope she someday becomes the teacher he already is.  There can be no higher recommendation than that.”

June A.

In-Person and Online Lessons

"My son does hybrid in-person and online lessons with Darren. Darren is very enthusiastic, encouraging and articulate. After every lesson, my son is energized. For the first time, he advanced to state level after intensive lessons with Darren. Darren also teaches HOW to practice and clearly points out what he needs to do so my son can focus his practice. Highly recommend him; he is a wonderful, passionate and dedicated teacher."

Junko F.

Cello Instructor/Colleague

Darren Sacks and I first met when we both rehearsed and performed J. S. Bach’s Wachet Auf in a small chamber ensemble. Before we even had a chance to get to talk and meet one another, I was already very impressed with his virtuosic, intellectual, and artistic musical abilities and interpretations. He was very professional and considerate during rehearsals, and his bass playing was strikingly insightful and beautiful.

After that concert, I would regularly see Mr. Sacks at the school, often witnessing him teaching his private students through the glass window. His dedication to educating young bass students is clearly evident. The bass section of the orchestra, mainly comprised of his students, has shown astonishing progress since he started teaching at our school. On a personal level, Darren is a bright, warm, and gentle spirit. He always has a kind smile on his face, always asks courteously about one’s well-being, and always has a sincere compliment for anyone with whom he is conversing.

He is well-organized and responsible. His teaching and musical abilities are stellar, and his interaction with students of all demographics are professionally friendly and compassionate. I recommend Mr. Sacks with absolutely no reservation.

Michael C.

Orchestra Conductor/Colleague

“I am constantly in search of fresh perspective and talent, Darren brought this and more when we were in need of a bass teacher for our most advanced players two years ago.

In preparation for our performance at Carnegie Hall as part of the national band and orchestra festival, Darren led several sectionals with our bass section on the fiendishly difficult chamber symphony for strings by Shostakovich. It was clear after those first few sectionals that he was not only a capable player, but also a highly skilled and passionate teacher.

Aside from his training, it is in his compassion where Darren shines. When Darren came to our school we already had another bass instructor, an expert in jazz tradition and beginning students of all styles. Although Darren is clearly the superior classical bass teacher, I feared that tension would spark between the two teachers and their students. Contrary to my original qualm, Darren is constantly friendly with the other instructor and regularly coaches several of his students in sectionals.

I urge you to give Darren the most serious consideration. You will be overjoyed with what he has to offer as a teacher, musician, and person, and you will benefit greatly from the opportunity to learn from him. He makes many important and meaningful contributions to the musical lives of those around him. I recommend Darren Sacks as a teacher without hesitation.

Craig T.

In-Person Lessons

"I have been taking lessons with Darren for 4 months now, and my playing has improved significantly from my time with him. He is attentive to the small details of playing, responds quickly to my errors, and introduces many techniques and exercises from his formal music training to help improve my playing. I highly suggest Darren as a teacher. Great teacher, very attentive and helpful, and is passionate about teaching proper form and best practices on the upright bass."

Deanna K.

In-Person Lessons

"I highly recommend Darren. I am an adult learner and started taking lessons with Darren after 2 years of experience playing. He is very flexible and can quickly determine what areas need work and come up with a plan. He has great troubleshooting skills and applies his knowledge and experience to resolve problems. In addition to his teaching skills, he is enthusiastic about the instrument and music, which is motivating. He is also a great resource for music in general. I showed improvement in my playing after the first lesson."

Gabby T.

Online Lessons

"Darren has been a great instructor to my son. He's learning a lot and getting much better thanks to Darren. I wasn't sure how online sessions would work but they are going great. I'm glad I chose Darren."

Mary-Margaret P.

Online Lessons

“Darren did a wonderful job of preparing me for my audition. He could fix all of my issues and answer all of my questions! Thank you, Darren!!”

Emily W.

In-Person Lessons

"Darren is enthusiastic and always looking for ways to "get through" to a student. He has a contagious passion.  Darren works very hard, approaches music with his heart, and has a great attitude."

Kalena B.

In-Person Lessons

"Darren has been great to work with. He is highly motivated and passionate about teaching. I would highly recommend him."